How to Switch / Change 2G to 3G 4G LTE only Network mode in Android Phone

Android phones nowadays come with great connectivity options, like 3G and 4G LTE. The 3G and 4G LTE network offers faster internet data speeds than the 2G, GPRS or EDGE. If you subscribed to 4G LTE or 3G internet Data plan it is very vital and beneficial to use it in LTE, HSPA+ or WCDMA only as Preferred Network Internet speeds. In some cases to avoid heavy data charges you might prefer to go with 2G GPRS network mode only. If you have 4G phone below methods will help you to switch between different network modes. But if you have 3G smartphone and want to use 4G LTE SIM card on 3G phone you can check last two methods / tricks but it is not possible to use 4G LTE only network operator SIM on 3G or 2G phone. You can buy JIOFI and can make HD calls and use 4G data speed on any 3G or 2G supported phone over Wi-Fi. Otherwise you need to upgrade to LTE / VOLTE capable phone.

Change 2G to 3G 4G LTE only network Preferred mode in Android Phone

Android operating system offers the variety of options to choose the best Preferred network  according to your comfort. We found that in some Dual SIM smartphones users faces difficulty in selecting their desired preferred network mode. Below are two solutions, with which you can Toogle Switch or Change from 2G to 3G or force 4G LTE only mode or vice-versa. Many are trying to switch to 4G LTE so that they can enjoy Reliance JIO 4G VOLTE free calling and unlimited data offer on mobile phones. Now Airtel 4G, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL unlimited plan (3G without usage restriction) and many other operators has also launched low price data plans, but mostly with Data cap / speed restriction.

Toggle / Switch Change 2G to 3G 4G LTE only mode in Android Phone using Settings:

  1. First Go to Settings
  2. Select Wireless and Networks
  3. Scroll Down and Touch on  Mobile Network
  4. Tap on Dual SIM / SIM Settings
  5. Select “Network Mode”
  6. Some option Will Pop in the Screen
  7. WCDMA (Means 3G) , GSM (2G ) , LTE (4G)
  8. Choose the best Suited Option for according to you preferences

You can also select Combination of 2G + 3G ( Will automatically choose 2G network when 3G is not available). Many users found that after selecting 4G LTE or 2G Network the status bar shows no network signal. This could be due to several reasons, diagnose it in following ways:

  • Make sure 3G or 4G LTE network signal are available in your area
  • Go to Network Operators (you will find it in Above solution at Step 5)
  • And Touch on “Select Automatically” or “Search Network” to select Network Manually

If the Internet on the phone is not working make sure you have configured correct APN Internet Settings. Solution 2:

Change 2G to 3G 4G LTE only mode in Android Phone

If your mobile phone is not showing the required Network or Preferred 4G / 2G / 3G Mode, you can have more options in Advance Internet Settings method to force specific network mode.

To Change 2G to 3G 4G LTE only network mode in Android Phone via USSD code, take the following steps:

  1. Dial  *#*#4636#*#*  OR ##626* OR ##786#  in your phone
  2. Select Phone Information
  3. If you have Dual SIM Select the Slot (SIM) you want change settings for
  4. Scroll Down and select the Option Under “Set preferred network type”
  5. From here Select the Network Mode you wish to use (CDMA / GSM / GSM auto (PRL) / LTE / WCDMA)

How to change 3G to 4G on android phones with in Qualcomm Chipset Processor:

  1. For open Engineering mode in qualcomm chipset processor phone download and install “Shortcut Master Lite app”.
  2. Open it and click on Menu.
  3. Search for “Service Menu” Or “Engineering Mode” and select it.
  4. Now you can change the preferred network.
  5. OR  Dial *#2263# then Select Menu and Click Back again then Select Menu.
  6. Now go to Key Input and Enter “0000”, Select UE Setting from Popup.
  7. Select the desired band by going : Configure Protocol>NAS>Network Control>Band Selection>LTE Band>

Switch between 2G / 3G / 4G LTE on android mobile phones with Mediatek Chipset Processor

If your device is used mediatek chipset processor then follow below steps to use 4g sim in 3g android mobile phones.

  1. Download and install Mtk Engineering Mode app from play store.
  2. Open it and click on “Mtk Settings”.
  3. Under Telephony scroll down , to “Network selecting/Preferred Network” Option.
  4. Now select the desired network from the list.

This above two method are good for those who want to use particular Frequency BAND like 2300MHz band 40 provides faster speed than the 1800Mhz band 3 and 850 Mhz Band 5. If you have inserted 4G sim card on a 3G phone

The above Preferred network Settings should work in Allview, Amoi, Reliance JIO, LYF, Archos, AT&T, BenQ, Bird, BLU, Casio, Celkon, Dell, Ericsson, Fujitsu,  Siemens, Gigabyte, Haier, HTC, i-mate, Icemobile, iNQ,  HP, BlackBerry, Bosch, Cat, OBI, LETV, Elephone, Pepsi, iBerry Auxus, Acer, Alcatel, MChea, Emporia, Eten, Garmin-Asus, Gionee, T-Mobile, Telit, Toshiba, Vertu, vivo, Vodafone, WND, Xiaomi, Yezz, YU yureka ,Chinese phones Nokia, Huawei, i-mobile, Innostream, Jolla, Kyocera, Lenovo, Maxon, Myphone, BQ, Star mobile, Cherry Mobile, TCL, THL, Meizu, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Motorola, NEC, NIU, Nvidia, OnePlus, Orange, Panasonic, Parla, Plum, Prestigio, Sagem, Sendo, Posh, Qtek, Samsung, Sewon, Siemens, Sony, Spice, Tel.Me., Thuraya, Unnecto, verykool, VK,  Mobile, Wiko, XCute, XOLO, Yota, ZTE,  Alcatel , Sharp, Sonim, Sony Ericsson,Karbonn, Lava, LG, Maxwest, Micromax, Mitac, Modu, MWg, Neonode, Nokia, O2, Oppo, Palm, Pantech, Philips, Amazon, Apple, Asus, Benefon, BenQ-Siemens, and other android mobile phones.

(91) Comments

91 Comments to How to Switch / Change 2G to 3G 4G LTE only Network mode in Android Phone

  1. By robit August 26, 2016

    Mera phon nahi ho raha hai

  2. By C.L.Pataliya August 31, 2016

    The above setting is not working in LETV LE 1S mobile. when we want to select LTE mode then it automatically select GSM mode. What should i do?
    Please reply me on my email id

    • By HARPAL SINGH August 31, 2016

      have you tried both methods ( means USSD code).

  3. By Tilak September 5, 2016

    i am not getting signals on my jio4g sim, yesterday when i insert the sim it was showing but now it is showing no service.

    • By HARPAL SINGH September 5, 2016

      It might be due to SIM not activated yet or due to low signal strength.

  4. By sandeep singh September 6, 2016

    My phone is 2g i want activate wcdma how i activate.. my phn is karbonn A7*

    • By HARPAL SINGH September 6, 2016

      Sorry WCDMA / HSDPA will appear only on 3G or 4G LTE enabled phones

  5. By Sachin September 8, 2016

    Very useful. Thanks for the tutorial

  6. By Abhishek September 11, 2016

    How can I convert my sony Xperia C DUAL sim into 4G enable phone?

    • By HARPAL SINGH September 11, 2016

      It is not possible, as it is not an Software upgrade but a hardware one.

      • By sandeep July 21, 2017

        Intex Aqua Young update

  7. By Shubham Shambharkar September 20, 2016

    My HTC 626G+ is nit actually 4G enabled but 4G LTE option is shown by USSD code method.Will it enable 4G on my phone or what?

    • By HARPAL SINGH September 20, 2016

      No. as it doesn’t have the required hardware for 4g lte.

  8. By JanOve September 25, 2016

    The menu is not enabled on samsung models. On Huawei the option is also disabled.

    • By HARPAL SINGH September 25, 2016

      You can go with the 3 methods, they should work.

  9. By Kalam October 9, 2016

    I didn’t get the tower I seems emergency calls only what can I do and I search in my settings for 4G it seems Enhanced 4G LTE Mode in my karbonn titanium s204

  10. By SampathKumara October 16, 2016


    I am using gionee m2 8gb model
    in engineering mode it showing 4g/LTE option but if I select it its automatically going back to WCDMA mode
    unable to change band to LTE/4G using

    plz help me in this regard

    • By HARPAL SINGH October 17, 2016

      You can try App install Method, mentioned in the post. That will allow you to switch to only one network.

  11. By Raveesh October 23, 2016

    hi sir, mine is mmx a117. I want to use jio sim in this phone. I have installed mtk eng.mode app. in mtk settings it shows GSM/WCDMA/LTE in the preferred network selection. But when it select it and return to revious menu it rolls back to wcdma mode only. There is no provision for saving the settings. Please guide me

    • By HARPAL SINGH October 23, 2016

      The reason is because the phone doesn’t have 4G LTE Hardware.

      • By kiran December 9, 2016

        Actually in ussd code method it is said to open “key input” and enter “0000” so in this context what is “key input”? is it in dialer itself or anything else.
        And in another method of shortcut lite app , in engineering mode my phone(lenovo A6000 plus) does not have any options to change bands.
        So do u have any solutions to this.

  12. By Anshu December 14, 2016

    I have tried both WCDMA And LTE but it is not showing network bars
    What can i do

    • By HARPAL SINGH December 14, 2016

      It could be due to two reasons either the SIM is not 3G / 4G Lte enabled or the supported SIM bands are not compatible with your phone. OR may be due to low network signal.

  13. By ABUBAKKAR SIDDIQ December 15, 2016

    How to convert vivo y11 in to 4g(lte)

    • By HARPAL SINGH December 15, 2016

      It has 3G hardware so 4G VOLTE SIM can not run on this. As this is more related to hardware so there is no way to convert it to 4G without changing its hardware components.

  14. By Area bwoy December 21, 2016

    status bar shows no network when I choose 3G/4G network what procedure should I use. And my fone ux samsung galaxy note 2 T- mobile fone.

    • By HARPAL SINGH December 21, 2016

      Either the SIM is not 3G/ 4G compatible or the SIM bands are not compatible with your phone.

  15. By Jack Roberts January 6, 2017

    I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy J7(2016)Dual Sim phone. The reason I did it was so I could use only one phone for my business line and one for my personal line. The problem I have is that AT&T recently discontinued the use of GSM and my phone says “two sim cards cannot use the same 4G or 3G at the same time. The other card will be changed to use 2G”, when tried to switch the second line over to 3G or 4G. I read your article and am wondering if this would be a fix for my phone, specifically by using the USSD Code, or if there’s any other workaround.

    • By HARPAL SINGH January 7, 2017

      That setting is set default by the OEM (Samsung), so it cannot be altered without software updates.

      • By Jack Roberts January 8, 2017

        Thank you for the response. Does Samsung offer such updates? I did a search and didn’t find one. I’m not convinced they would offer it, since it might dissuade a customer from purchasing a newer model phone. I was wondering whether one sim card could be set up to use 4g only and one set to 3g only by using the USSD Code method. My phone seems to lump those networks together. If each could be set up as dedicated to one network only I’m wondering if perhaps that would solve my problem. That way the sim cards would not share a network if one was one was on 3g and the other on 4g.

  16. By ansari February 5, 2017

    I’m using samsung galaxy note 3 neo MODEL N7505 version 4.4.2 please help me jio 4G sim support

    • By HARPAL SINGH February 6, 2017

      Only the SM-N7505 model will support 4G sim. The SM-N750 is not 4G SIM compatible.

  17. By jahid April 4, 2017

    I brought oppo f1 from Bangladesh. Now i am staying in india.I haven’t 4G option in my phone.But when i entered into jio sim in my phone,then Enhance 4G(LTE) mode has shown.but no network signal shows.I tried this tricks but there any way to use 4G in my phone?

    • By HARPAL SINGH April 4, 2017

      The phone is compatible with JIO sim. Make sure the SIM is activated and there is enough signal strength in the area you are using it. Try to check the SIM in other 4G phone, see it shows LTE signals.

  18. By Muwanga Nasif April 7, 2017

    Hi sir, i have an Huawei but the prefered network mode is disabled . i have tried the other options but all failed. the phone can support 4G network but its only using 2G! what can i do?

    • By HARPAL SINGH April 7, 2017

      Hi Nasif,
      See, if you Select 4G / 3G Preferred mode it means that the Phone will be in 4G /3G mode if respective signals will be there. Otherwise if there is no 3G / 4G signals are there then it will automatically choose the 2G / 3G vica versa mode.

  19. By sodiq April 9, 2017

    pls am using lenovo A630t and I want to change it to 3g it not allow ME to do that pls what Can I do sir

  20. By lamide April 11, 2017

    mine is Lenovo how do I do it?

  21. By sunep April 17, 2017

    Can a sony xperia t2 ultra be converted to LTE? Cause mine is only till WCDMA

    • By HARPAL SINGH April 17, 2017


  22. By tuteja April 22, 2017

    Dear Harpal Singh Jee

    I have Le 2 phone. Am working in SIgapore for 6 months. And have SIM1 as 4G Starhub SIm card. And SIM2 from Airtel India. It was working fine till 31-March. Singapore has shutdown the 2G network from 31-March. I understand that the Le2 dual sim phone only works on 4G & 2G networks. If one SIM is alreday 4G, the other becomes 2G automatically. Is there any solution (patch, engineering mode) to make SIM1 as 4G & SIM2 as 3G. Pls suggest, this will solve my problem. As I dont want to buy another phone because of 6 months time period.

    Rgds. Tuteja

    • By HARPAL SINGH April 22, 2017

      This configuration is easy and less battery draining so most of the OEM apply this to their firmware. It is not possible without tweaking the firmware and might require additional hardware (tx – rx). Sorry but currently we don’t have any patch to make use of 4G on both SIM simultaneously or 4G + 3G at the same time on dual SIM phone.

      • By tuteja April 23, 2017

        Thanks Bhai for your response ! Appreciated !


        • By HARPAL SINGH April 23, 2017


  23. By Santosh April 23, 2017

    Hello sir,
    Can I convert Sony wt19i 3g to 4g???

    • By HARPAL SINGH April 23, 2017

      Hi there,
      No you can not covert it to 4G.

  24. By Andrew April 24, 2017

    Sir im using Alcatel one touch fierce 2 and its showing 2G which is GSM and when I want to Try to use 3G it shows no network…

  25. By mark April 27, 2017

    Hello sir, I use a Coolpad 8675-HD mobile, and it only runs on 2G network even when I’ve selected a preferred network to 4g,3g,2g recommended it still shows just the 2g and its very slow, I’ve also changed it to 3g and 2g but still same, plz can this be fixed?

    • By HARPAL SINGH April 28, 2017

      the reason is behind this is because there would be less 3G / 4g signals

  26. By ravi May 6, 2017

    sir mera phone moto g3 power hai maine dono method try kiye par not work i select 3g only in bsnl 3g but after 10 second 2g network help me better

    • By HARPAL SINGH May 6, 2017

      This is due to low 3G signals, wherever there is not enough 3G signals phone will automatically switch to 2G or the network mode with good signals.

  27. By Lincoln May 7, 2017

    hi can i able change data preferred mode to 3g on my posh mobile l500a……????i tried many times but didn’t work please if anyone of u knows how to do it tell me.and i’ll be grateful if u chip in me guys.

  28. By Lincoln May 7, 2017

    and i’ve just tried using all those above methods but when i pressed on “turn off the batery “immediately connection missed and it showed invalid sim

  29. By Desmond May 14, 2017

    Am using a xaomi redmi 2 phone and I have tried to change my network mode using the *#*#4636#*#* method but am still getting E on my network bar and I want to change it to 3g or 4g cuz my phone enables all but it’s not working.. …what do I do??

    • By HARPAL SINGH May 14, 2017

      The Reason is there will be no 3G or 4G signals.

  30. By Sampath May 19, 2017

    Lenovo a2010 how to both sim 4g??

    • By HARPAL SINGH May 19, 2017

      You can use 4G at one sim at a time.

  31. By Noberth Men May 20, 2017

    I use ZTE Q519T 2G mobile phone and 4G LTE written at the back case and if I enable 3G it automatically switch to 2G.and the *preferred network type* is invalid, please what should I do??

    • By HARPAL SINGH May 20, 2017

      ZTE Q519T is 3G phone and The phone will automatically switch to 2G in case there is low 3G signals.

  32. By Samuel May 30, 2017

    Sir I use coolpad, 8675 F2. I have tried both the code and the app method but my phone refuses to switch to 3G or 4G what else will I do please. Am stuck with 2G even the option for 3g/4G on my phone is faint I can’t access it to change it to 3g or 4g.

  33. By Mark May 30, 2017

    Hi,, i tried the last method in myphone85 DTV,, i already inserted my LTE sim but there only 1 preferred netword to select in the network selection,, what should i do to use a 4G LTE in my phone??

  34. By Sidd June 7, 2017

    Hi,please can a my Sony T5 use the 4LTE??have tried and am tired of network issues?

    • By HARPAL SINGH June 9, 2017

      Sony xperia c5 is 4G compatible phone BUT make sure the phone supports the Network BANDs that are required by SIM card.

  35. By sabastine veron June 7, 2017

    sir I’m using gionee f103 i have done that but the network goes off and on still in E mode that is 2g network please sir help me I need to activate 3g on my gionee f103

    • By HARPAL SINGH June 9, 2017

      If you have selected 3G as preferred network but still getting 2G signal, that is usually due to low 3G signals. Whenever phone don’t get enough 3G / 4G signal it switches to 2G.

  36. By Pankaj saini June 19, 2017

    sir i select wcdma only by your code trick but my phone cannot run data speed.i use reach Hexa 551 mobile

    • By HARPAL SINGH June 19, 2017

      You must have 3G Data plan activated on your SIM card and 3G signals should also be good to get 3G speed.

  37. By mikky July 7, 2017

    how do I change sim band

    • By HARPAL SINGH July 7, 2017

      We have mentioned the Apps for the same in the post.

  38. By sheriff July 10, 2017

    my lenovo A3860 I want to change it to 3G but I can’t get it

  39. By IsiborIsibor July 11, 2017

    my lenovo A3860 does not switch to either 3G or 4G lte wat do i dodo

    • By HARPAL SINGH July 12, 2017

      Make sure you have tried all the methods mentioned above.

  40. By Varney Welch Jackson,III July 12, 2017

    I did the settings with the USSD code #*#*4636#*#* and the advanced settings came and I selected LTE and wcdma on my blu studio Selfie 2 and the network is still not displaying LTE on the bars, what do I do now?

    • By HARPAL SINGH July 14, 2017

      BLU STUDIO Selfie 2 is not LTE enable phone, so it will not show LTE on status bar.

  41. By Manmoses July 12, 2017

    hello Sir,
    I use coolpad 8720L, reading all the post above about how to force 2g to 3g regretabily the codes are not working on my phone. my sim is 3g enable but am still getting 2g. but inserting the sim into another phone i had H+ signal.
    is there anything am not doing? Sir

    • By HARPAL SINGH July 14, 2017

      Make Sure Your SIM’s network BANDS are supported by the phone.

  42. By pappu July 15, 2017

    hello sir
    i am using Micromax canvas selfie 4 can i convert to LTE

  43. By Arun August 10, 2017

    Sir i m using gionee p4 im tried *#*#4636#*#* method but not selected lte mode when select lte mode automatically select WCDMA please tell me

    • By HARPAL SINGH August 11, 2017

      The phone is 3G that’s why it happen

  44. By Ram Chhetri August 14, 2017

    How can i upgrade to 4g its not working in panasonic p75.

  45. By wisdom August 17, 2017

    please am using gionee f103
    which appears to be using 4g 3g and 2g
    network but is showing only 2g network
    and the code is not working
    What can I do

  46. By kenny August 20, 2017

    my gionee f103 seems to be stuck on 2g .. I can’t access 3g even after all the required settings and procedure done.. it still goes back to gsm edge network.
    what can I do?

    • By HARPAL SINGH August 20, 2017

      Which SIM are you using?

  47. By ayomide August 21, 2017

    my phone is 3g/2g enabled but getting stuck in the setting to 3g….lenovo A708t

  48. By Reeks September 25, 2017

    Please sir,I’m really tired trying to change my network from 2g to 3g or 4g network on my phone…. But anytime I do, it automatically change back to gsm after I change it to wdcma….I’m using lenovo plus Google play service isn’t running on my lenovo….

  49. By abdullahi October 17, 2017

    pls sir I hv semilar problem with mr Reeks but am using lenovo A630t what is the solution

  50. By jossy October 20, 2017

    I use gionne F103 I tried all d procedures but its still on 2g what do I do I use glo sim and am in Nigeria

  51. By Kato November 16, 2017

    hello i have AT&T lg phone was 2G how should i change this network mode to 3G

  52. By vani November 26, 2017

    When i select LTE mode, signal was cut .My sim is airtel.what i do?
    Please reply.

    • By HARPAL SINGH December 14, 2017

      Its due to very low or LOW LTE signals at your place

  53. By Abhay Pandey December 8, 2017

    Hi, How can I select 2G signal on Samsung S7 edge as all the above codes are not working.#


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